Is There Anybody Out There?

(Not just a great Pink Floyd song)



Is there anybody out there willing to change the world with me? Sometimes I feel so weary and alone, wondering why the voices of outrage aren’t absolutely thunderous right now. With everything we face and the gloomy future we are dooming our children too, isn’t there anyone who wants to stand up and fight? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you’re out there but you’re just not sure what you can do or if you can even make a difference. Maybe you’re afraid that you’d be in it alone. Well I am here. And I have ideas.

1. March by my side (or by yourself) to the local park or beach to pick up refuse carelessly left behind or washed up on our shorelines.
2. Write to or call our local representatives to remind them that there is work to be done and that it needs to be done now, not slowly over 5-10 years.
3. Fight for the rights of others because none of us is free until all of us are free. March, protest, speak, volunteer or just plain support by word of mouth until all of our voices are heard.
4. Find out what you can do at home to make a positive change and don’t worry about how big or small the change is. Doing something is better than doing nothing! Make a compost, turn down the lights, shorten your shower, have meat free Monday (or whichever day), choose products more wisely, vote carefully, read the news and be informed! Remember, companies supply products based on the demand of consumers. Demand better, more environmentally friendly products and they will be forced to supply.
5. Stand up in the face of bigotry. Don’t sit quietly or smile politely at racist statements or sexist behaviour or bigoted comments in order to keep the peace. If you’re afraid to speak up because you don’t feel safe, then at least walk away or spend less time around those people so that they know you’re not having any of that nonesense.
6. Teach your children based on their skills and interests, not their gender.
7. Never give up and never give in no matter how hopeless some might tell you it is, no matter how many people tell you to be quiet and just let things be.
8. Choose kindness as often as possible. And when you can’t choose kindness, choose fierceness.

I know you’re out there somewhere. I know there are more like us and that many nights we lay awake and wonder “doesn’t anybody else care?”. Yes, I care. Yes I’m doing my best to inform my children, family and friends and pass on everything I know. No, I’m not perfect and I don’t expect anybody else to be, but I try. I try and sometimes I fail and then I try again. So try with me, please!

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

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